To update or change to a different Firmware Version ON the Team Plus CANGate,  please follow these steps:

Step 1:  Download your chosen update package from list below (Windows only at this stage) and extract the zip file onto your windows desktop.

Step 2:  Plug CANGate into your Windows PC with a USB cable to the USB-C port on CANGate device
(remove the USB cable in there now, and this can go back in when your done)

Step 3:  Open the folder you extracted, and double click on CANGate Updater.exe

Step 4: Choose ‘ESP32‘ as the chip and ‘develop‘ as the mode and then press OK button.

Step 5:  Fill in the screen as per this image:

          • Select the new versions .bin file from the bin subdirectory (if it does not automatically have it selected)
            • Note..  there may be multiple versions of the .bin file.   for example:
              • ending in “v2.4.bin” would be the standard version
              • ending in “v2.4o.bin” is a special version to address some component variations.    Try standard version first.   If you have issues with CAN addresses of output, try one of the  variation which will patch that issue.
          • set the tick box
          • and @ location to “0x10000”
          • set COM port from the pull down list.   The one you want should have appeared when you plug in the CANGate USB cable.
          • press “START”

Step 6:  The new version flash will begin.  The process completed successfully if the 2 windows show the messages in this image.

Step 7:  Disconnect USB-C cable from CANGate and plug back in the USB-C cable connected to your car power, and test.