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Interested in being a Reseller?

We would love to hear from you if you have a business supporting race and performance cars and selling and installing performance products.

We are moving to a reseller preferred model, and now seeking new Resellers across the world.

We are focused on providing innovative and quality products at the best price possible to make the solutions available to all levels of motorsport, so we dont have big margins to give away to multiple layers of distributors and sellers.  But the services for install, integration, configuration and support of the Team Plus product range could be valuable.

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Client testimonials

The Team Plus TELELOGGER enabled me to consolidate important driver data from OBD and provide quality 10Hz GPS and accelerometer data into one device, replacing several others and even connected my external Boost Gauge data. Valuable tool for improving my Track Day Skills. I am keen to now try the TELEHUB and WHEEL TURTLE solutions

Track Day Success


For those who love to geek out at data I found this pretty amazing and cool. Team Plus Telemetry during WTAC installed their new Wheel Turtle IR data loggers/cameras onto my car and just happened to be on the session I did my PB. Unfortunately I didnt have the GoPro running that session and the GPS dropped out on the data loggers half way through the first lap. The loggers show the tyre surface temp across the entire tyre face. ....... The data clearly shows how the tyre pressures impact surfacce temps and also shows that at least 1-2 warm-up laps are needed for the first session. .... All in all I thought it was fantastic and for less than $1000 I think it is money very well spent. Unfortunately they only have Apple app for the time being but soon to get android out and ill be buying a set for myself. - World Time Attack Competitor

All in all I thought it was fantastic


Designed for all levels of motorsport, the TEAM PLUS WHEEL TURTLE® PRO tire temperature sensor has won the coveted BEST NEW PERFORMANCE RACING PRODUCT AWARD and a global media award at the SEMA SHOW 2023. Get your Tire Temps right.