TPMS and CANGate Bundle

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Using a Team Plus Track Day Grade TPMS set and a Team Plus CANGate you can add fast updating and accurate Tyre Pressure information into your data logs and use the TPMS system Temperature sensor to display and log valve temperature as well.

The CANGate version 2.x firmware will use the pressure and temperature data from the TPMS to provide effective basic information to the driver, with colour based pressure and temperature indicators.

This new bundle gives a discounted price for a set that includes:

      • a set of 4 Track Day Grade TPMS
      • a Team Plus CANGate  to take the bluetooth TPMS signals and add to the CAN Bus,.
      • a Team Plus 4 port CANHub to simplify your CAN wiring integration.



Connect your Team Plus Wheel Turtles and/or Team Plus Tyre Pressure (TPMS) to your existing CANbus setup via the Team Plus CANGate. CANGate connects to the Wheel Turtles and our TPMS over Bluetooth and then passes data onto your CANbus, so it is available to any CAN based dash or logger or ECU. The CANGate set up is ideal for cars with existing or planned CANbus based race dash or loggers, so all the data is integrated together and analysis is fine in your existing tools.

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External Track Grade TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitors


The Team Plus™ Track Day Grade TPMS is a purpose built for racing set of 4 tyre pressure modules to mount on each tyre valve measuring:

  • Tyre Pressure
  • Valve Temperature
The data collected by The Team Plus™ WHEEL TURTLES™ can be supplemented by the TPMS data, giving an even more complete picture of the tyre condition. Team Plus TPMS is available in 2 grades:
  • Street Grade - Similar to existing bluetooth TPMS models available, with updates in pressure limited to every 2-3 seconds and pressure accuracy within 1psi, but with very long battery life.   Suitable for general tyre information and loss of pressure information supplementing the Wheel Turtle Tyre Temperatures.
  • Track Day Grade  - A model exclusive to Team Plus and built to our specifications, these external TPMS sensors are built to have a significantly higher pressure update rate of around 10Hz (10 times each second) as well as better accuracy of pressure measurement (around 0.1psi).  This will provide fast and accurate real time data on pressure to go with the Wheel Turtle Temperatures.  These are ideal for the track day and test day scenario adding value to the can bus data.
Additional Grades and an internal version are in the pipleine as well.

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CANHub 4 port

4 Port CAN bus hub – Universal fitment, suits all ECUs and CAN bus devices (wiring permitting) Supplied with two different mounting options:
  • Horizontal – lay your CAN hub down on the mounting surface to keep cables flat against the panel for neater cable management.
  • Vertical – stand your CAN hub up perpendicular with the mounting surface for easier connecting and disconnecting of devices.
  • Connect up to 4 CAN devices onto the one network, supplying Power, Ground and CAN comms to all devices.
  • Daisy Chain additional CAN Hubs to extend your CAN network even further.
  • Convenient way to supply Power and Ground to devices that don’t need CAN Comms also.
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia

In stock (can be backordered)

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