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Team Plus Tyre Pressure Monitors (TPMS) are part of the Team Plus™ WHEEL TURTLE™ eco-system of products that provide real time data about wheels and tyres to improve performance.  The WHEEL TURTLE™ portfolio includes:

    • WHEEL TURTLE™  – 8 Temperatures across the face of each tyre live over Bluetooth, plus a distance sensor to the tyre, plus a tyre colour sensor providing the tyre surface colour in RGB format.
    • CANGate™ – a gateway to tranfer the live Bluetooth data from each WHEEL TURTLE and TPMS sensor to the CANBus, plus a 3.5″ display that can be used as a secondary dash for Tyre Status.
    • CANHub™ – a 4 port CANbus and power wiring hub, making it easy to keep CAN device wiring neat and modular.
    • TPMS – Tyre Pressure from each wheel live over Bluetooth.  The data collected by The Team Plus™ WHEEL TURTLES™ can be supplemented by the TPMS data, giving an even more complete picture of the tyre condition.
    • and some new devices coming soon.

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The TPMS streamS LIVE to the Team Plus™ CANGate™ allowing you to: 

    • view Pressure of all 4 wheels live on the CANGate display
    • add the pressure data to the CANBus configuration when sending format is set to:
      • Team Plus Standard CAN format. (dbc files available)
      • Haltech formats

Team Plus TPMS is available in 2 grades:

    • Street Grade – Similar to existing bluetooth TPMS models available, with updates in pressure limited to every 3 seconds and pressure accuracy of around 1-2psi, but with very long battery life.   Suitable for general tyre information and loss of pressure information supplementing the Wheel Turtle Tyre Temperatures.  This specification matches most TPMS external systems available on the market today.
    • Track Day Grade – A model exclusive to Team Plus and built to our specifications, these external TPMS sensors are built to have a significantly higher pressure update rate of around 1-Hz (10 times each second) as well as better accuracy of pressure measurement (around 0.1psi).  This will provide real time data on pressure to go with the Wheel Turtle Temperatures.  These are ideal for the track day and test day scenario adding value to the can bus data.

Additional Grades and an internal version are in the pipleine as well.

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