This page contains the known working and tested solutions integrations for Team Plus products and will be updated as we become aware of additional capabilities.

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Smart Phone Apps

Team Plus TeleDash (iOS and Android)
Send data directly from your Team Plus sensor set to your mobile device via the TeleDash app. No need for other expensive data collection systems.
Scenario one capabilities include:
– one glance colour visualisation of tyre status
– tyre temp(8 per wheel), tyre colour and tyre distance (8-10 Hz)
– tyre pressure per wheel (if connected to Team Plus TPMS)
– brake temperature per wheel (if connected to Team Plus Brake Turtle Pro)
– phone location data (1 Hz)
– phone movement and g-forces (10 Hz)
– data logging to downloadable files (10 Hz)
– record and playback of session right on the phone. **
– live share the session to other app users. **
– Wheel Turtle configuration and calibration management.
** in-app purchase subscription required.
This simple and easy setup is suitable for all levels of car enthusiasts who want to get data on the go.

RaceChrono Pro (iOS and Android)

RaceChrono is one of the most popular track racer phone apps in the world, available on both Apple and Android platforms.  The platform is incredibly feature rich including:

    • Lap timing with sectors and optimal lap
    • Track library of >2000 pre-made race tracks
    • Custom user defined circuit and point-to-point tracks
    • Data analysis with synchronised graph, map and video
    • Predictive lap timing and time delta graph
    • Hardware accelerated video export with configurable data overlay
    • Multiple camera recording and picture-in-picture video export
    • Video recording using internal camera
    • Remote control of GoPro® HERO action cameras
    • Linking and synchronising video files from almost all action cameras
    • Support for external GPS receivers
    • Support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi OBD-II readers
    • Support for Bluetooth LE heart rate monitors
    • Support for DIY data sources and sensors
    • Unlimited session length, good for 24 hour races
    • Session data export in .ODS (session summary for Excel), .NMEA, .VBO and .CSV formats

and now with Wheel Turtles supported,  we add:

    • Live Visualisations of Tyre Temperatures with overall temp value and colour gradient of each of the 8 temps per tyre
    • Tyre Temp data added to logged data
    • Analaysis of Tyre Data with graphs
    • Overlay video with Tyre Temperature blocks along with other Data

TPMSII (iOS and Android)

TPMSII is a commonly used app for monitoring the data from compatible Bluetooth TPMS sensors.  The Team Plus TPMS Street Grade are fully compatible with TPMSII.

Apple App store link button to TPMSIIGoogle Play Store link to TPMSII app


Team Plus CANGate
✅ Integration with your chosen CANbus capable loggers and dash.
✅ tyre temp(8 per wheel), tyre colour and tyre distance (8-10 Hz) from Wheel Turtle
✅ tyre pressure (0.3 – 10Hz depending on model) from optional TPMS
✅ brake temperaure (10Hz) from optional Brake Turtle Pro
✅ One Glance Tyre temp and pressure visualisations for driver using the 3.5” touch screen on CANGate as a secondary display.
✅ Display tyre temperature on your existing race dash when integrated with CANbus
✅ Display optional pressure and/or brake temps on selected race dash systems when integrated with CANbus
✅ Data Logging and analysis via your existing data logger when integrated with CANbus
✅ Wheel Turtle configuration and calibration management available on the Teledash iPhone app.
✅ CANGate on-screen tick box options to set CANbus speed, with more details settings available using the Teledash iPhone app.
✅ Publicly available CANbus protocol and dbc file for easy configuration into your dash or logger.

      • Available integrations:
        • Motec Cxx Series Dash  – Download Integration pack below
        • ECU Master CAN loggers and dash (ECU M Format CAN Messages)
        • AiM CAN base Dash Loggers. –  Download integration pack below
        • LINK Displays (use AiM config)
        • VBOX Video HD2 –  Download integration pack below
        • Video VBOX Pro –  Download integration pack below
        • VBOX Touch (using IZZE CAN protocol) –  Download integration pack below
        • CAN dash supporting IZZE Racing 16 channel CAN messages
        • RACECAPTURE – lua script install file available – Download below
        • Haltech ( up to 4 temps per wheel emulating TMS4 and TCA devices) – Download integration pack below

Web /Internet Services and Apps

Team Plus TeleHub

The Team Plus Web Service known as Telehub provides the server to capture and transmit live data sessions from TeleDash app or Telelogger hardware over the internet.

Telehub is not available directly, but is rendered into the TeleDash App.