Team PlusĀ® offers a portfolio of Motorsport Electronics, focused on Tyre/Tire and Brake condition for your racecar.Ā 

OurĀ  WHEEL TURTLEĀ® is an innovative sensor module designed to mount in a wheel arch. Ā Each WHEEL TURTLEĀ® collects data on 8 Temperature points across the face of each tyre, plus distance to wheel for suspension movement and tyre colour RGB values.

WHEEL TURTLEĀ® can stream LIVE by Bluetooth to the Team PlusĀ® TELDASHĀ® smart phone app, RaceChrono smart phone app, OR to your CANbus race dash and data logger using Team PlusĀ® CANGateĀ®

Add the options of Team Plus BRAKE TURTLEā„¢ rotor temp sensors,Ā  Team Plus Tyre Pressure Monitors (TPMS) and the CANGateā„¢ will add brake temperature and tyre pressure information to supplement the temperature data, and a 3.5″ in car display with output to the CANbus for your race dash/logger.

The Team PlusĀ® system is all about giving you real time and logged data that can be used to really get the tyre settings and driver styles right.Ā 

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Motorsport Electronics

The Team PlusĀ® WHEEL TURTLEĀ® range is an innovative turtle shaped sensor with optional adjustable head angle. It is mounted in a vehicle wheel arch to measure key tyre and suspension data without hard wiring sensors to the car. Highlights:
- Measures 8 temperatures across the face of each tyre from inside to outside edges
- Distance sensor measures wheel suspension movement
- Colour sensor captures the tyre RGB colour codes for analysis and potential grip warnings.
- up to 15Hz data capture rate on PRO model
- Data transmitted over Bluetooth to phone app and/or through CANGateĀ® to CAN devices
- Optional internal battery power for hours of capture time or can be USB powered.
Team PlusĀ® BRAKE TURTLEā„¢ PRO is an add on for WHEEL TURTLEĀ® PRO that measures brake rotor temperatures up to 1000C (1832F).
Data is sent LIVE to WHEEL TURTLEĀ® PRO to add to its data to Phone apps or CANGateĀ®.
Using the Team PlusĀ® CANGateĀ®, connectivity options open up to any CAN based Data Logger or Dash that allows for custom channels.
And add our Team PlusĀ® CANHubā„¢ for tidy and simplified CANbus wiring. Team PlusĀ® works to develop and test connectivity configurations and templates to assist in easy setup.
The Team Plus TELEDASH is a Smart Phone app to access the data and configure Team Plus devices:
- Display WHEEL TURTLEĀ® data live over bluetooth
- Display BRAKE TURTLEā„¢ and TPMS data
- Display a Thermal Image of any specific tyre live. - Change configurations and settings of WHEEL TURTLEĀ®, TPMS and CANGateĀ® products. - Several screen modes to visualise data with easy movement between screens
Team PlusĀ® has built the software that controls the WHEEL TURLESĀ®, BRAKE TURTLESā„¢, CANGateĀ® and TELEDASHĀ®.
The Team PlusĀ® TELEHUBā„¢ cloud telemetry service built on the Freematics software core has extra functionality to support our products with easy to use and functionally rich web pages and services.
The Team PlusĀ® TELEDASHĀ® iOS and Android app is now available on app stores.
Phone App Highlights:
- Display all WHEEL TURTLEĀ® data live via bluetooth
- Share and display live data using TeleDashĀ® and our TELEHUBā„¢ servers to other TeleDashĀ® phone app users.
- Configure all your Team PlusĀ® devices from the one place.

Team Plus

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Up to 15 data points are transmitted between 8 and 10 times per second from each Wheel Turtle using efficient and easy to connect Bluetooth Low Energy Technology.

Infra-Red Thermal Array

A 16x12 thermal array in each Wheel TurtleĀ® is used to provide 8 Temperatures across each tyre face and a thermal image. and a 32x32 thermal array in each optional add-on Brake Turtleā„¢ finds and adds the rotor temperature.

Laser distance sensor

Each Wheel TurtleĀ® contains a laser distance sensor poroviding information on distance to the tyre. This can be used for Suspension Travel measurement.

RGB Colour Sensor

The Wheel TurtleĀ® constantly captures the colour of the tyre using an RGB colour sensor. This has potential to provide tyre aging information and instant debris alerts.

Client testimonials

The Team Plus TELELOGGER enabled me to consolidate important driver data from OBD and provide quality 10Hz GPS and accelerometer data into one device, replacing several others and even connected my external Boost Gauge data. Valuable tool for improving my Track Day Skills. I am keen to now try the TELEHUB and WHEEL TURTLE solutions

Track Day Success



For those who love to geek out at data I found this pretty amazing and cool. Team Plus Telemetry during WTAC installed their new Wheel Turtle IR data loggers/cameras onto my car and just happened to be on the session I did my PB. Unfortunately I didnt have the GoPro running that session and the GPS dropped out on the data loggers half way through the first lap. The loggers show the tyre surface temp across the entire tyre face. ....... The data clearly shows how the tyre pressures impact surfacce temps and also shows that at least 1-2 warm-up laps are needed for the first session. .... All in all I thought it was fantastic and for less than $1000 I think it is money very well spent. Unfortunately they only have Apple app for the time being but soon to get android out and ill be buying a set for myself. - World Time Attack Competitor

All in all I thought it was fantastic



Designed for all levels of motorsport, the TEAM PLUS WHEEL TURTLEĀ® PRO tire temperature sensor has won the coveted BEST NEW PERFORMANCE RACING PRODUCT AWARD and a global media award at the SEMA SHOW 2023. Get your Tire Temps right.



Top reasons to use the Team PlusĀ® system?

For the driver at test days:
    • driver learn best techniques for warming tyres and brakes at test days
    • Understand your cornering and braking technique impact on tyre and brake temps and therefore condition/longevity. Good for tyre management.
For car setup / engineering:
    • See the impact of camber adjustments visually and in the logged data to get that ideal setting.
    • Use the data from tyres and visualisations to see over or under inflation of the tyre by looking at edge heat vs centre heat on each.
For driver on race day:
    • One glance colour visualisation to know if the tyres and brakes are ready for that qualifying or sprint best lap.
    • On a safety car restart, monitor and know how warm the tyres are.
    • Get visual overheated tyre warning so you know when to back off to preserve the tyre.
    • Immediately visualise the level of hotspot/flat spot damage from a lockup.


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