TPMS and CANGate Bundle

The recent release of our Team Plus Track Day Grade TPMS has been well received, and gives customers an opportunity to start using Team Plus solutions at a lower entry point.

Using a Team Plus Track Day Grade TPMS set and a Team Plus CANGate you can add fast updating and accurate Tyre Pressure information into your data logs and use the TPMS system Temperature sensor to display and log valve temperature as well.

The CANGate version 2.x firmware will use the pressure and temperature data from the TPMS to provide effective basic information to the driver, with colour based pressure and temperature indicators.

This new bundle gives a discounted price for a set that includes:

      • a set of 4 Track Day Grade TPMS
      • a Team Plus CANGateΒ  to take the bluetooth TPMS signals and add to the CAN Bus,.
      • a Team Plus 4 port CANHub to simplify your CAN wiring integration.

You can see the bundle atΒ TPMS and CANGate Bundle

CANGATE Firmware Version 2.0 Available

A major update to the firmware for our CANGate is now available (June 2023) .Β  Β A combination of an updated interface and performance and stability updates will take your experience with the CANGate to a new level.

  • New and Improved interface
    • TPMS integrated into view
    • Ready for upcoming brake sensors
    • Sensor battery low indicators
    • Smoother flicker free updates
  • Screen lock setting
  • Screen flip for mounting flexibility
  • Support for TPMS only CANGate entry point
    • Use TPMS Valve temps when no Wheel Turtle
    • Wheel Turtle temps can be added later
  • Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

New Version is available from here:CANGate Firmware Update


Buy a CANGate here:Β CANGate


Big thanks to our guest app developer Nathan Chambers who helped us out with this release.